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Advanced Excel has all the functions and features of the Microsoft Excel tool. This allows users to perform complex calculations, data processing large numbers of numerical data, better representations of data, and more.

Advanced Excel is a powerful tool that can be used to visualize and analyze data in order to achieve business goals.

It can also be used for complex computations such as machine learning and big data. Advanced Excel Course It allows for better data analysis and presentation, both numerically and graphically. With advanced functions and features such as Power map and advanced data filters, it can manage large amounts of data.

Advanced Formula

Advanced formulas are the first thing a user of advanced excel should know. Excel’s core strength is its advanced formulas, which make it smart and highly efficient.

Excel is useless without formulas. It is a data-saving tool that is not useful. The advanced formulas allow users to easily analyze their data and find solutions to complex questions.

Excel skills are essential for advanced excel. These include validating data entry, conditional formatting, and advanced charting techniques.

Some of the Advance Excel formulae are:



This advanced approach to VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP formulas has many limitations. INDEX MATCH is a powerful combination of excel formulas that can take your financial analysis up a level.



Anyone who has worked on many types of financial models knows that nested IF formulas can prove to be a nightmare. Formulas that combine IF and formulas can make formulas more understandable and easier to audit.



These formulae are extremely powerful and can be used for conditional functions. COUNTIF counts cells that meet certain criteria, while SUMIF adds all cells that meet those criteria.


=A1&”more text”

Concatenate allows you to combine information from different cells, and make the worksheets more dynamic.

LEFT and CELL functions:

These advanced Excel functions can be combined to create complex formulas that can be used for specific purposes. The LEFT function returns the text starting at the cell’s beginning, or from left to right.

The CELL function returns information about the contents of a particular cell, such as rows, columns, and so forth. The MID function returns the text from any point in the cell. This is from left to right. The RIGHT function returns the text from the cell’s end.

Advance excel is a great tool for anyone who uses MIS frequently. It helps in improving data proficiency and reduces work hours. You can also use it to quickly complete your tasks and analyze data more efficiently.

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Excel skills

To learn advanced Excel skills and to use them effectively, there are many things you need to know. These are the topics that fall under the umbrella of advanced excel skills:


  1. Pivot charts.
  2. Pivot tables, pivot reporting
  3. Validation of data
  4. VBA and macros
  5. Using excel productively.
  6. Data tables, simulations, solver.
  7. Integrating Excel with other tools and optimizing Excel

You must be able to comprehend all aspects and terms associated with Excel Advance in order to become an Excel user.

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