Why is PHP training popular among students?

PHP training

The reason behind the popularity of PHP training amongst students is its simplicity and high demand in the industry. Everybody wants a dynamic website for a business which is budget-friendly too and PHP developers are expected to do the same. In this article, we have shared information about why PHP is still important for web development. What is the difference between PHP and HTML? As many people have dilemmas regarding this we have tried to solve that also. Apart from this, we have included little information about the features of PHP and why one should choose PHP as a career?

  • Origin of PHP
  • Why is PHP still important for web development?
  • What is the difference between PHP and HTML?
  • Features of PHP
  • Why should one choose PHP as a career?
  • What will be the best instituteto be an excellent PHP developer?

Origin of PHP

In 1994, PHP was created by a Danish-Canadian programmer named Rasmus Lerdorf. Firstly it was known as Personal Home Page, later it transformed into Hypertext Preprocessor. The first version of PHP understood only a few special Macros that were common use on home pages. After a few times, the later parser was rewritten and some improvements have been applied and named PHP/FI Version2 which was also interpreted from HTML. Its versatility is key to making PHP courses much more popular throughout the world.

Why is PHP still important for web development?

If we talk about its importance then a number of reasons are available which make PHP an Xfactor in the field of web development. Here is a list of some of them which make PHP the best for web development.

1- Open Source And Completely Free– When we say the word ‘open source’ it means that it is free to use and anyone can do so. With that, it provides you with budget-friendly options which help the developer create websites at low prices.

2- Dynamic– It is a server-side language and websites or web applications which are created using PHP are fully encrypted and secure.

3- Versatile– it is flexible with different operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix as well. PHP is a very responsive language for creating cross-platform web applications and makes it convenient for running web apps on any system.

4- Database Flexibility– it is database flexible which means PHP can be used to develop custom web apps or websites with the help of different database flexibility. It supports major database systems like MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and much more.

5- Plenty Of Resources– Choosing PHP for web development offers you another advantage in that it has plenty of resources and tools in-built which allow developers to add more features and functions to their websites.

What is the difference between PHP and HTML?

stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It stands for Hypertext Preprocessor.
It is actually a markup language. PHP is a scripting language.
To create static web pages HTML is used whereas To create dynamic web pages PHP is used.
HTML is not a programming language but it uses tags that browsers can decode and reflect as content on a web page. It is an interpreter-based programming language.
We save HTML files as .html extensions. We save PHP files as a .php extension
HTML can not be used for server-side programming but only for front-end web page development. Whereas PHP supports server-side programming.
It is very easy to learn and run. PHP in comparison to HTML is not as easy as HTML is.

Features of PHP

Being a demandable server-side user language PHP has some important features.

Simplicity– PHP has been made so simple that even beginners won’t face any hardship in learning and using it. To make a task very easy for a programmer it has predefined functions. It is a well-structured programming language.

Flexibility– it gives freedom of platform that we can run on any operating system, like- Mac, Windows, Linux and Unix as well. It is also compatible with almost all servers.

Object-oriented–  Due to building complex reusable web pages, object-oriented features in PHP are comparatively powerful languages among other object-oriented programming languages like Python and Java.

Efficient– Removing unnecessary memory and having a great session management feature in PHP makes it very efficient.

Fast–  the reason behind being PHP fast is that it runs on its memory and comparably PHP’s script is usually much faster than any scripting language also bonding between databases is also quite fast and efficient. The pages of PHP run very fast and make users love it.

Why should one choose PHP as a career?

In today’s era requirements for developers have boomed as digital marketing has taken more than half the world in its radius due to which every single businessman wants to grow his or her business to make their presence throughout the world. This race has made things easier for the developer most probably for the PHP developers because it is effective and cost-efficient. The future of PHP developers is very bright and the salary is fascinating. Also, PHP is coming with different versions of itself with updated features which make work much easier.

What will be the best institute to be an excellent PHP developer?

To start an explosive career as a PHP developer you need the best institute with guidance in the proper direction. The best institute provides you with the best course and with the help of that you can succeed in your life. Here I have suggested to you the best PHP training institute in Noida is APTRON. here you begin your path with a PHP course and end up getting placed in the top companies with 100% assistance regarding the placement.


With the growth of digitalisation demand for web tech solutions companies has also increased and the demand for developers too. Doesn’t matter which developer he or she is. But in the meantime demand for PHP developers is a little bit more due to its flexibility and versatility. The above article is about PHP developers and how it is still important for web development industries and in demand. With the increased demand, the craze of PHP developers and hence PHP courses is on the next level. That’s the reason we have mentioned some more facts about PHP like its features and why one should choose it as a career. We have also shared the best PHP training institute in Noida where they assist with placements in top companies across India.



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