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The craze of machine learning training is increasing day by day because it unconditionally opens various fields for the career perspective. One who gets certified with proper training in machine learning has won tickets for various opportunities with a fat salary. The future is machine intelligence and it plays a key role in making our life much easier as it is a branch of Artificial Intelligence. With the help of this article, we will get to know about machine learning and where it is being used by various companies, what are various signs of it and much more. At last, we will also suggest the best machine-learning training institute from the perspective of future scope and career. Let’s start with some of the points mentioned below-

  • Know about machine learning
  • Importance of machine learning
  • Real-world use of machine learning
  • How do big companies use machine learning?
  • I want a career-oriented machine-learning training institute

Know about machine learning

We are familiar with so many things in the real world that give us machine intelligence experience. Machine learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence and computer science with a high level of machine intelligence. The accuracy of machines with intelligence is far better than the accuracy of humans. We can see live examples in our day-to-day life. In most companies, machines are being used for multiple purposes and replacing labourers because they work highly effectively and the chances of mistakes are minimised.

To improve the accuracy of the machines, programmers have to program computer systems with a particular task to perform. Machine learning is being used in various fields such as fraud detection, spam filtering, business process automation (BPA), malware threat detection and Predictive maintenance.

Importance of machine learning

If we see it from the enterprise’s point of view then we will find that machine learning helps them in following the trends in customer behaviour and business operational patterns and also help in the development of new products. Many leading companies use machine learning for their operational purposes such as Facebook, Google and Uber to stand far ahead of their respective competitors and also track the behaviour of their respective users.

There are also various types of machine learning which work on the respective tasks given to them particularly and even some of them do multitasking.

Real-world use of machine learning

Above I have mentioned that we use machine intelligence in real-world now let’s see here the examples of real-world uses of machine learning-

Voice recognition

It is also known as automatic speech recognition (ASR). It has the capability to transform the natural language process into text form. Such examples are very common in our day-to-day life because it is already available on mobile particularly. Whenever we have to search for anything on Google, Youtube or Amazon we use our voice instead of typing the text to reduce search time.

Customer service

Earlier, most companies used to hire human agents for their customer service but now things are inverted and they are getting replaced by online chatbots. Chatbots solve most of the queries asked by customers. They already have a set of FAQs in which they automate replies with no time and solve queries. Some examples of this feature are eCommerce platforms, Facebook messengers and slack, usually done with virtual assistance or voice assistance.

Computer vision

AI technology enables computers to drive meaningful information from images, video or visual inputs and based on that input it takes required action. This ability of recommendations is with the help of convolutional neural networks. Computer vision has some inbuilt applications for photo tagging in social media, self-driving cars and radiology imaging in healthcare within the automotive industry.

How do big companies use machine learning?

Machine learning has changed the nature of working for most of the companies that are invested in it. We will see here what are the key business cases that all sizes of companies employ machine learning to address.

User Acquisition

Many companies use this user acquisition funnel for their customer and it has three stages: dividing your customer base on the basis of their needs, engaging them with the right messaging of products at the correct time and converting them into users of your product by providing the best.

Amazon is the best example of it, as it uses machine learning to recommend products to its target customer at the right time to fulfil their needs. Earlier recommending products was the first step but it expands itself by adding many more features to it.

Customer support

Acquiring customers is the first step but in the case of eCommerce and enterprises retaining them and providing them effective and time-efficient customer support is a relief from all pain. A number of companies use machine learning to improve their customer support which somehow helps in their conversion of sales. There is Google’s machine learning API to build a custom system support which measures the sentiment of the customers and makes the negative responses at the top of the list to respond back the solution in time or fast which builds trust between enterprise and customer. It responds almost four times faster to negative inquiries compared to the other one.

Recently, conversational bots are triaging customer support and they are 30% cheaper in cost and boost customer satisfaction by responding faster.


Machine learning plays a key role in forecasting as it helps many companies to predict the behaviour of customers or to forecast the behaviour of their competitors. It also helps companies to predict the sales performance from the past launches of their products and their demands.

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Security and fraud detection

Earlier fraud and scams were at their peak in the starting era of the internet. After that many things have been done to improve security and it works to some extent but after the arrival of machine learning, it is now much easier to control. Most companies use it for the safety of their customers and to prevent them from being scammed.

People management

The root of any company is their people or employees and selecting eligible candidates is an onerous task.  Hiring, managing and retaining high-quality people from hundreds or thousands of resumes and shortlisting them is a challenge for recruiters. With the help of machine learning a startup name, Restless Bandit addressed this problem by creating a candidate management system that filters the resume of candidates based on the requirement made by the hiring manager.

Here it means that machine learning has the potential to filter high-performing candidates that can be overlooked by hiring managers.

I want a career-oriented machine-learning training institute

As we know that machine learning has vast demand in various fields and this demand opens a path for learners to make a profitable career in this. To make a dynamic and future-oriented career it becomes essential for one to get proper training from an established institute. Aptron is the best machine learning training institute in Noida that provides you training from the perspective of a career in the same. Here you get trained under the surveillance of top mentors across India who are also working professionals in the industry and they make sure about your placement with 100% assistance in top companies of India.


Throughout this article, we had a chit-chat about machine learning, and how it is ruling the industry world with its extraordinary features. Firstly we discussed machine learning and its importance then we figured out its real-world uses. Further, we talked about the big companies and how they are using machine learning as an asset. At last, we gave closure to the article by suggesting the best machine learning institute in Noida where you learn the courses of machine learning under the working professionals and be placed in the top companies of India.



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